Almond casts seafood campaigns

Almond Consultancy will unveil its £100 000 promotional campaign for National Seafood Week in the next two weeks, as well as its £50 000 website and literature designs for Scottish Quality Salmon.

The consultancy won both jobs within days of each other but they are unrelated.

National Seafood Week is an annual initiative run by the Sea Fish Industry Authority, which kicks off this year on October 5. It is the third consecutive year that Almond has been retained for the job and it was responsible for creating the SFIA’s corporate identity last year.

This year’s National Seafood Week campaign will involve the creation of one million recipe books, as well as posters for supermarkets and fishmongers.

Scottish Quality Salmon, a separate organisation, is launching a healthy eating campaign emphasising the benefits of eating salmon. The campaign will include 1.3 million promotional leaflets and a website.

The campaign will begin in October. Managing director John Franchetti says the scheme will concentrate on the nutrients found in salmon, particularly Omega 3 oils, which are essential fatty acids.

Almond won the Scottish Quality Salmon project without a pitch.

The Seafish and Scottish Salmon jobs bring the amount of new business the consultancy claims to have won in the last month to over £300 000.

Last month, Almond began work on a two-year, £150 000 European Commission contract to produce research, technical writing, design, print and distribution of a series of technical bulletins, brochures and newsletters for the energy sector (DW 19 July).

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