JMC virtually shops with Citigate Lloyd Northover

Citigate Lloyd Northover relaunched JMC’s virtual travel shop on Monday, following a year of research and development.

The consultancy was originally appointed in March 2000 to create the travel company’s first on-line presence, which launched last July and which has subsequently made it through to the final of the Design Business Association International Design Effectiveness Awards.

Having created the first site, CLN was charged with broadening the product and service range available on it, as well as making it more accessible and improving functionality.

The project is understood to have attracted a fee of £120 000.

CLN has subsequently become JMC’s retained digital media consultancy. CLN director of new media Neil Hudspeth says, ‘[JMC] has seen the benefit of using us as strategists and having us involved every day.’

Hudspeth says that JMC had intended to build an in-house team to manage the site after the first phase of development. CLN has now helped to build an in-house team of three, he claims.

The relaunched site is geared towards the needs of the consumer and offers more information.

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