A worthy magazine for the sophisticated reader?

Reading last week’s news about Esquire, I couldn’t help thinking about how it compares to Monocle magazine.

Reading last week’s news about Esquire,  I couldn’t help thinking about how it compares to Monocle magazine.

I’m not sure I’m the sophisticated reader Tyler Brûlé had in mind for Monocle, but then again, having read it I’m not sure that reader exists outside his imagination. Monocle seems to think ‘sophisticated’ means obsessed with pointless indulgence and a level of navel-gazing rarely found outside Shoreditch.

For Esquire, in recent years, sophistication has probably meant leaving one nipple covered. I think it’s about time that we decided sophisticated means intelligent, thoughtful, possessing of a sense of humour and culturally literate.

Frankly, Esquire is of another league, a design great, a pioneer and a magazine for men which was entertaining, informative and fun. If they successfully revive the old formula, I’ll be able to give my wife her magazines back.

Generally, the poor quality of contemporary magazine design makes me want to weep.

Tim Fendley, Creative director, AIG, London EC1

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