Navyblue brands Hungarian state radio

Hungarian Radio, the state-owned public service broadcaster, this week launches three new radio stations, with branding by Navyblue.

The corporate brand, Magyar Radio, and its three new stations hit the airwaves yesterday (Wednesday) with a remit to represent and communicate inclusive public service content.

Navyblue, which was appointed in March, has worked on developing the positioning, communications architecture and strategy, as well as the values and personality for the broadcasting company.

György Such, chairman of Hungarian Radio, says, ‘Hungarian Radio is a complex brand and is exposed to different audiences. The media world has become a very competitive environment and public service broadcasters have to compete for audiences and live up to the public’s expectations.’

The consultancy created a series of identities that reflect the personalities of each station – Kossuth (talk and debate), Petofi, (‘100 per cent music’) and Bartock (classical).

All three stations feature the initials MR, to highlight the ‘mother’ brand, Magyar.

‘Change for any business is a challenge, but to change a cultural entity that has been the heart of the people and a nation for more than 80 years takes real courage,’ says Ron Cregan, director at Navyblue.

MR radio launched yesterday with a marketing campaign that includes, broadcast, poster, print advertising and an on-line viral campaign.

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