Marketplace spreads the word for the BMS

Marketplace Design is developing a new identity for The Baptist Missionary Society, following the establishment of a final shortlist of four design groups in July.

The 200-year-old society raises money to support missionaries, teachers, and medical workers overseas, through its 200,000-member core constituency of UK Baptist church members.

More than 40 design groups were contacted by BMS publicity manager Katrina Lawson, with 12 then invited to submit a written project outline. Marketplace was selected from a final shortlist that included Cobalt Design, WPA Pinfold and Oasis Media.

Marketplace is working on a number of alternative designs at the moment, one of which will be launched in April at the BMS Annual Conference.

It has not been decided if a name change will be implemented for the identity, although the most likely outcome will be the use of the BMS initials with an explanatory strapline, says Lawson.

“This review is about bringing the BMS into the 21st century,” she says.

“Because of BMS’s age and history it now has a rather outdated image. We have found that our customer base is ageing because we are taking our members with us rather then recruiting new people,” she explains.

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