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What was the design high point of 2004? And what was the low point?

‘The Gherkin is my high point and the London Underground my low.’

Wayne Hemingway, Founder, Hemingway


‘My high point was the Penguin Great Ideas series – a refreshing return to the original, democratic model of well-priced, well- intended books with clear, clean and inspired typography. My low point was the continuing creation of landmines. Every 15 minutes someone is killed or maimed by a landmine – around 15 000 victims a year. At $3 (£1.56) to produce and $1000 (£521) to remove, anti-personnel mines are design low points for any year.’

Libby Sellers, Curator, Design Museum

‘My design high point was Foster & Partners’ Gherkin winning the Royal Institute of British Architects’ Stirling Prize. The low point was not being permitted to attend the Design Museum’s Alan Fletcher lecture because I walked in with my black poodle, Herbie!’

Susanna Cook, Creative director, Allies

‘Both high and low points have come out through the troubles at the Design Museum. High because it is great to observe shake-ups at the top, especially in the institutions, and the international interest that has been generated must indicate a growing global interest in “design”. Low because the whole incident has confirmed that our industry leaders, not just our politicians, are incapable of leaving their egos at the door to reach a resolution for a common goal.’

Max Fraser, Author and curator

‘Things I’ve loved this year include: Graphic Thought Facility’s jam for the Victoria & Albert Museum’s Village Fête, Abake’s stickers for Maison Martin Margiela, and Artangels’ Gregor Schneider House. The lows I’ve tried to forget.’

Frith Kerr, Partner, Kerr Noble

‘A labour of love, a wealth of wisdom and a pleasure to behold, Penguin Great Ideas gets my high vote. Meanwhile in ‘Scrooge mode’, the 2004 roll-out of the London 2012 identity comes to mind – perhaps the result of the committee client and a half-hearted Government.’

Mary Lewis, Creative director, Lewis Moberly

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