Jack Morton Worldwide has designed the New Year fireworks display for London. How will you be marking New Year?

It’s funny how the excitement of an approaching end-of-year celebration fades ever thinner as you get older. There was a time in my life when the anticipation of the most eagerly awaited binge was almost too much to bear, but after years of inevitable disappointments I’ve realised that the New Year’s party is a holographic carrot. It always ends with a profound emptiness. The best way to celebrate Hogmanay is to go to bed, rise early with family or friends, enjoy a stroll in town and a slow café breakfast while the city sleeps off the biggest ever hangover. Perfect.
Marksteen Adamson
, Partner, Arthur Steen Horne Adamson

What better way to welcome in a new era of austerity than by saving money? I’ve decided to innovate this year and celebrate the new year on the 30th, reaping the benefits of cheap taxis and reliable table service. The 31st will be spent at home enjoying the company of a few close friends, some home-cooked grub and a few nice bottles of (special offer) wine.
Matt Beardsell, Director, Music

I will mark the New Year by getting in the festive spirit – which may involve: 12 Prides a-sinking, 11 poppadoms a-popping, ten Pinots a-swilling, nine Merlots a-spilling, eight Veuves a-fizzing, seven Bells a-ringing, six Gordons alive-ing, five songs a-killing, four Cointreaus a-quaffing, three Cognacs a-necking, two gloves a-losing É and a ride in an Addison Lee.
David Kimpton, Creative director, Kimpton Creative

New Year, new decade – the beginning of my sixth, so… I’ll be looking forward with a heady mix of child-like optimism and worldly wise concern to a decade I know will be defined by significant change, for me and for you. According to recent city tradition, I’ll be sitting at a table under a willow, surrounded by loved ones and pelicans, watching the fireworks, which will provide the perfect backdrop to this long gaze forward… big bangs, oohs and aahs, crackle crackle, fade to open sky, hugs and kisses.
Tim Molloy, Head of creative direction, Science Museum

I won’t be marking the New Year with fireworks. I’ll be escaping the city, eating my way into 2011. It’s been our busiest and best year yet and I need a break from design.
Matt Wade, Founder, Kin Design

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