Fitch shapes sports superstore

A new out-of-town sports and leisure superstore – Total Sport – has been opened in the Channel Islands, with design work by Fitch.

The consultancy was commissioned to create interiors and signs for the 465m2 converted warehouse on Jersey by The Channel Islands Co-operative Society. The retailer has worked with Fitch since 1988.

“We thought it was important that the store, as a warehouse building, conveyed the impression of size and volume without compromising The Co-operative’s standards of value and quality,” says a Fitch spokeswoman.

“We’ve designed Total Sport to [have] clearly defined product areas and sophisticated, bold signs to encourage movement within the store,” she adds. The consultancy has also designed a retail identity for the store which uses a “dynamic” typeface.

London’s Geffrye Museum has won a Europa Nostra diploma for its contribution to the enhancement of Europe’s architectural heritage.

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