Manufacturers can’t do the packing

Like your anonymous correspondent (DW 3 February), I thought the remark about clients looking to manufacturers rather than consultancies for innovation in structural packaging was interesting.

I wondered to what extent it is true, because we know from our members that many clients are already turning to Design Business Association consultancies for designs that will add value to their brands. And, if clients find one of their suppliers is unable to supply structural packaging design, what leads them to look to manufacturers rather than to other consultancies?

We need to have more evidence and background information – which is not to say we don’t take the point seriously. It is no coincidence that the theme for this year’s DBA Product Challenge will be structural packaging.

The letter also says the design organisations should be doing more. We run business training courses twice a year, numerous workshops, seminars and presentations on every aspect of consultancy, including selling, presentation skills and marketing – and a “such as” from your correspondent would have helped. He or she is welcome to write to me and I’ll be happy to discuss any positive proposals we haven’t included in our programme.

Ian Rowland-Hill

Chief Executive


London WC1

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