Need inspiration? Check this out

There’s only a couple of days left, but consultancies in the Midlands should seize a last chance to check out the work of a select group of designers.

The Birmingham Media and Arts JobClub, with its membership of designers, illustrators and photographers, is holding an exhibition of members’ work this week.

It is at Ludgate House, 28 Ludgate Hill, Birmingham, and is open between 1pm and 5pm today (Thursday) and tomorrow.

The urgent appeal for potential employers to visit is due to the unfortunate and possibly unfair decision of the powers that be to close the Media and Arts JobClub due to not enough members getting jobs.

Logic might suggest that reinforces the need for a specialised JobClub. Finding jobs in the media and design is a task with particular challenges. The JobClub members will appreciate any interest in them, their exhibition and, understandably, their work.

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