16 January 2003

Roller skating on thin ice

Car manufacturers like Rolls Royce are trying to revamp their brands with updated models, but Hugh Pearman doesn’t even want to steal a peek at the Phantom Certain cars always represent a kind of currency, out on the street. In the early 1980s in Hackney, Ford Cortinas had valuable wheels. I would look out of […]

Portland Design wins Beijing job

Portland Design has this week landed its first job since Rodney Fitch joined last month with the aim of winning business in south east Asia and Europe (DW 5 December 2002). The consultancy is creating a masterplan and identity for a shopping centre in Beijing, according to Portland Design managing director Ibrahim Ibrahim.

Stronger protection for brands in legal face-off

Well-known brand typefaces will enjoy greater protection from lookalike rivals after a ruling last week by the European Court of Justice, says trademark law firm Bristows. Brand owners can now invoke ‘unfair advantage’ and ‘detriment’ against imitators using similar fonts and typefaces to market the same goods. Previously, this protection had only applied where the […]

Pure redesigns Trevor Sorbie products

Pure has redesigned hairdresser Trevor Sorbie’s range of products for the global professional salon market. The range launches in Scandinavia this week and hits the rest of Europe from 1 February.

Snowball fights in Clerkenwell Green

It was like something out of Gangs of New York in Clerkenwell Green last week, only with snowballs for cudgels. EHS Brann vicechairman Phil Jones was coming back from lunch at La Rochetta with his creative director Patrick Collister when the pair where caught in the crossfire of a ‘major snowball fight’ between the Design […]

Bsym designs identity for Italian singer-songwriter Moony

London consultancy Bsym is designing a single sleeve, album cover and brand identity for Italian singer-songwriter Moony, also known as Monica Bragato. Her debut album Life Stories is released on 24 February (artwork for the promo pictured), with the single Acrobats out the week before. Initially briefed to just develop promotional packaging, Bsym was then […]

Twelve Stars test for Vivendi brand

Twelve Stars has won a six-figure brief to rebrand a global business services subsidiary of Vivendi Universal, CAT/ASI, that runs professional testing programmes across a variety of disciplines. The consultancy will create a name, identity and brand collateral for the company, which was formed from the acquisition of Assessment Systems Inc by Computer Adaptive Technologies. […]

No fooling the pasty-loving south-west contingent

‘I actually spat out my piece of straw and almost jumped out of my smock,’ writes Alan Champion from Fitzgerald Lighting, Cornwall apropos the Malcolm Garrett smuggled meat pie story (Diary, DW 12 December 2002). ‘The picture accompanying the diary story was clearly a tasty Cornish pasty.’ He concludes with, ‘Down here in the far-flung […]

The McConnell/ Russell chemistry is remembered

For at least the first half of John McConnell’s 20-year tenure as consultant to Boots the Chemists, the ethos of a Boots product range was either witty, informative or stylish, and sometimes all three. In spite of the unique ‘lab coat clinical’ core business of the manufacture, or factoring, and subsequent retail supply of prescription […]

Influential movers shake up industry relationships

And so in-house design continues to build, with Clive Grinyer’s move to Orange following on from Jon Turner’s high-profile shift from Enterprise IG to Boots the Chemists. While on paper the two jobs differ considerably, Turner becoming creative director, both are important strategic roles, bridging a client company with its customers, and both boost the […]

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