Electrolux cleans up brand with Ziggurat

Ziggurat has unveiled the latest evidence of its six-figure packaging and positioning work for Electrolux this week, although the future of the electrical appliances giant’s account with the consultancy remains confused.

The Ultra-Silencer vacuum cleaner rolls out across Europe during the first quarter of 2003. Its ‘lifestyle’ image seeks to convey the product’s emotional benefits. Further products following the design style established by Ziggurat are in the pipeline, but it is not clear whether the consultancy or its breakaway founder Bernard Gormley will be carrying out that work.

In setting up his own group, Badge, Gormley claimed the client would move with him (DW 9 January). But Ziggurat director Adrian Day insists this was ‘a bit premature’ and that the parties are ‘still in discussions’.

Ziggurat’s ‘platform’ allows Electrolux to both introduce new products and reposition existing ones consistently, says Ziggurat creative director Allison Miguel.

‘Electrolux is marketing its brand in new ways, having split the product range into two areas, user friendly and healthy,’ she explains. ‘Low noise, easy to use, small and compact are characteristics of the former category.’

The packaging employs the Electrolux corporate blue as a flexible ‘banding device’ together with imagery by photographer David Stewart. Created by Ziggurat senior designer Antony Tann, it has a ‘graphic feel in a real life situation, [where] the values blend into background’, says Miguel.

Electrolux was unavailable for comment as Design Week went to press.

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