Are we in safe hands in the Millennium Dome?>

Since the covers were lifted off the plans for the Millennium Dome, a number of designs have emerged from the miasma, the most notable and high-profile of these being the Body Giant.

The idea of having a mother and baby seems to have been thrown out with the bath water and supplanted by a grotesque androgyne.

The group responsible for these biological freaks is HP:ICM. It lists its experience as the British pavilions at the World Expos in Lisbon and Hanover.

An article in The Times created a little frisson over the breakfast table on 27 June by describing HP:ICM’s contribution to the British Pavilion at the Lisbon Expo as a “mind-numbingly banal show of Cool Britannia… this is old-fashioned kiddies’ play-time stuff that would not hold the attention of any modern child for five seconds”.

It’s too early to say what delights Hanover will hold.

I know it’s unfashionable and unpatriotic to be downbeat about what’s going on at Greenwich in the Millennium Dome, but surely the question is, are we in safe hands?

Don Grant

Don Grant Design

London SW11

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