Great restaurants make everything seem effortless

The news that the new Design Bites initiative from the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards is providing design-led guided tours of restaurants (Voxpop, DW 9 June) got me thinking about my own favourite restaurants and why.

All my favourite restaurants have great views Bens D’Avall on a cliff top in Mallorca (Michelin-grade lunch/breathtaking vista), Asiate in New York City with perfect views of Central Park (sublime food, nearly missed a flight), the deck at The Standard in Miami (best city and water skyline, best pool and secret weapon best fries).

The design elements are all there, but they are not saying ’look at me’, so it seems effortless rather than trying too hard. But maybe that’s the wine list talking.

Grant Windridge, Creative director, Hemisphere, by e-mail

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