Praline applies the Sorrell Foundation’s colour scheme to Saturday Club Summer Show


Praline Design has worked with the Sorrell Foundation to create the visual identity and exhibition design for the forthcoming National Art & Design Saturday Club Summer show, which opens at London’s Somerset House this weekend.

The consultancy was appointed for the project having worked with the Sorrell Foundation last year through a connection with Ab Rogers, though that project was never completed because of funding cuts.

It was appointed for the Saturday Club Summer Show without a pitch, having been approached by the Sorrell Foundation.

Praline began work on the project about three weeks ago. The show will display work created by 14to 16-year-olds who have attended the Sorrell Foundation-run free Saturday classes at their local college or university.

Work from 14 different sites and more than 400 young people will be on show, in disciplines including drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, ceramics and digital graphics.

Al Rodger, senior designer at Praline, says, ’Like a lot of charities, it needs to raise its profile. It asked for something energetic, with a bit of life. It had to have sophistication, but also neededto appeal to the children. It’s about finding the right tone for the whole exhibition.’

Praline used a fabric banner system to bring consistency to the exhibition, using a different colour for each of the 14 colleges to give them an individual identity. The overall exhibition identity uses a bold red and white colour palette to reflect the Sorrell Foundation’s branding.

Praline account director Jean-Marie Orhan says, ’They had a few issues to solve they have such a wealth of material from more than 400 young people, and that can get confusing for visitors. We needed a system that was very clear to make sense of there’s that efficiency aspect.’

The Sorrell Foundation co-founder Frances Sorrell says, ’Praline is intelligent, quick and thoughtful its work is cheerful and uplifting, but it has a certain discipline.’

The identity will launch across posters, banners and other marketing collateral at the end of the week, with the exhibition running from 18 June until 17 July.

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