Susan Albers trusts Next Big Thing to give her a UK break


Next Big Thing is creating a new brand identity for an established singer-songwriter from Germany to help her break into the British market.

The London-based design consultancy was appointed to the work by German record label Fire and Music, whose brief asked for Next Big Thing to develop the brand identity of Susan Albers.

While Albers is an established musician in Germany, she has yet to gain the attention of labels in the UK and the US, so Fire and Music was keen to promote her, handing branding and art direction to Next Big Thing.

Glenn Harrison, founder of Next Big Thing, says, ’Our brief was to look at her and the historical background and take a viewpoint on what we could do with her styling and song selection, and then packaging it so that it was suitable for the US and UK markets.’

The consultancy has created a brand identity for Albers, which launches later this month, and will feature across all marketing materials and merchandise, including record sleeves.

It has also created packaging for press kits in the style of a 12-inch record sleeve, with imagery on the sleeve featuring photography by Roberto Rubalcava.

Harrison says, ’We have given Albers a contemporary, yet grown-up image, representative of the sultry piano ballads that are her signature.’

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