TSB gets BDG/ McColl revamp

TSB has started to unroll a new interiors concept which shows an “unusually personal, emotional approach”. The design work has been carried out by BDG/McColl.

The new look will be implemented in 30 branches this year, and the design will eventually be featured in its entirety in 600 major branches. Some aspects of the design will be seen in all 1200 TSB outlets.

BDG/McColl has previously designed shopfronts for TSB, which were unveiled in 1992 (DW 6 November 1992). These were to “cover” original exteriors by Hop Studios, according to the consultancy’s project leader Neil Prior. The existing branch interiors, which are also by Hop Studios, will gradually be replaced.

“The bank has gone to great lengths to produce an interior that the customers want,” says Prior. Extensive research revealed that privacy was an important issue to many customers, and conflicting needs were of great importance. “Customers are so different. Withdrawal requirements vary from beer money to pensions,” he adds.

The result – currently being piloted in four regional branches – is graded in three sections from front to back. “The impersonal transaction services like cashpoint machines are at the front, the middle deals with more personal desk inquiries and the back of the branch has private interview rooms,” explains Prior.

“The side walls of each branch are defining visual elements. One will show a vivid curved panel, the other will be a neutral silver grey.”

Peter Nickless, senior manager at the TSB, confirms there was no pitch for the job. “BDG/McColl has been working with us for the past two years,” he says.

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