Books issued by the Dutch post office

Nominated by: Martin Cox, Blast

Nominated by: Martin Cox, Blast

Item: Books issued by the Dutch post office

Design: Irma Boom

Edited by: Paul Hefting, Johan Pijnappel and Irma Boom

Client: Dutch Post Office PTT

Country of origin: Holland


These books were issued in 1988 and showcase the stamps, postal-cancellations, influences and ideas behind the stamps and post office literature published during the 1987/88 period. According to Henk Burgman of the Dutch Stamp Collectors Association, Scandinavia, the books were first published in 1970. Martin Cox was ‘amazed at the bravery of the design considering it was for the general public (albeit a Dutch one). Each book is printed on very thin stock, French folded and printed with as many interesting images on the insides of the fold as on the outsides, creating subtle and intriguing layering. Even now, ten years on, I still find them fresh and exciting to look at, and a welcome reminder that the “lowest common denominator” mindset doesn’t always win through.’

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