Canada Place seated for Malinowski creations

Canary Wharf Group has commissioned a furniture designer and artist to create the floor and integrated seating for the new Canada Place retail mall, which opens at the end of March.

Antoni Malinowski has developed the 6039m2 floor design, using a series of dark lines and fragmented trapezoid shapes made from Lase marble. The design evokes river currents and splashes of white light when seen from above. Meanwhile, Terence Woodgate has designed several three metre-long aluminium benches to create a sense that the structures are light and floating.

Woodgate explains: “I wanted to create seating with an element of transparency so as not to conflict with Antoni’s floor design. The idea of using bead-blasted aluminium slats with hidden fixings was to create a seamless object which allowed one to see through to the floor below.”

Canary Wharf Group public art consultant Theresa Bergne says the inclusion of Malinowski and Woodgate on the project is “very exciting. Both designers have created something totally original and unusual, perfect for the mall, but in Malinowski’s case, also completely in keeping with the style of his paintings.

“I think that the finished work will be a revelation, not just to us and the artists, but to the visitors to Canada Place, too.”

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