Check-In, Check-out posters

Nominated by: Steve Gibbons, Dew Gibbons

Nominated by: Steve Gibbons, Dew Gibbons

Item: Check-In, Check-out posters

Design: Erik Kessels, Kesselskramer

Client: Hans Brinker Budget Hotel

Country of origin: Holland


Steve Gibbons has ‘seen this campaign develop over a number of years. Some things I’ve seen while travelling, others on design juries, in magazines and annuals. All the material adopts a kind of parody of cheesy conventional hotel marketing. These examples are fly-posted around major European cities – I’m told it’s incredibly successful. It must be hard differentiating such an obviously mediocre product. I think the parody idea is brilliant – I would guess they put a lot of effort into selling to clients. Best of all though, is the underplayed styling of the photography.’

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