Editor’s Introduction

You don’t have to be involved in graphics to appreciate fantastic print design. It is aimed at all of us – at least, that’s the theory.

We all comprise the target market for promotions and publication, if not as members of the design community, then as people in our own right.

But it is always interesting to find out what the experts think, which work they rate and why. It is fascinating also to see what is being produced beyond our shores, given that we tend to believe that UK design is among the best in the world.

With this in mind, our second pull-out on international design looks at print. We asked a bunch of graphic designers, recognised as leaders in their field, to name a piece of print they had seen on their travels or that was created outside the UK that had impressed them for its style or simply amused them for its audacity or wit.

They weren’t limited in their choice to items that had been consciously ‘designed’. They were allowed to put things forward that smacked of local colour.

The main criterion was that their choice catches the eye – for sheer elegance, appropriateness or fun. Our overall aim is to inspire designers in the UK and broaden their horizons. There is a tendency here to be a bit myopic when it comes to seeking out external influences to feed creativity.

Given current workloads, it is easy to become locked into simply answering the next client brief. We hope the work shown offers a stimulating diversion.

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