I Am Almost Always Hungry

Nominated by: David Stocks, SAS

Nominated by: David Stocks, SAS

Item: I Am Almost Always Hungry

Design: Bob Dinetz, Cahan & Associates

Client: Cahan & Associates

Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press Country of origin: US

Contact: www.cahanassociates.com or 00 1 212 995 9620

David Stocks says, ‘At first glance this book appears to be a slightly indulgent retrospective, but on further inspection is packed full of ideas and insights into a different way of thinking about corporate design. This is a consultancy that is rich in intelligence, without losing the craft skills that make appealing design. The book itself is a beautiful artefact, and is not shy to challenge convention. Not only does the book explain the design process of Cahan & Associates, it also suggests a lot about the culture of the group. One of my favourite sections is a case study on its work for Klein Bicycles which went badly wrong. We’ve all been there, but how many of us would be brave enough to tell the story in print?’

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