Image overhaul for Freeserve

Freeserve is undergoing a radical transformation with a new brand identity and a substantial on-line redesign. Design work has been carried out by incumbent consultancy Clever Media.

Freeserve, credited as the first free Internet Service Provider, is shifting its focus to provide more on-line content in a bid to increase traffic from non-traditional users.

As an ISP, its focus has been more about providing connection to the Web than competing for page impressions as a portal.

The new identity was due to be launched yesterday morning, supported by an above-the-line campaign. The new-look Web portal,, is scheduled to go live at the same time.

“Freeserve has very much been the gateway, as an ISP, to the Internet. Now we want to move the brand on to be about content. We are becoming more of a portal than an ISP,” says Freeserve marketing director Neil Sansom.

Sansom says both the brand’s identity and on-line presence will be altered radically. “It’s quite a major overhaul on-line as well as for the identity,” he says.

The new look will be designed to encourage repeat use. It will include the introduction of a new search engine, channels of new content and e-commerce links flagged up on the home page.

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