Smart car brochure

Nominated by: Brian Webb, Trickett & Webb

Nominated by: Brian Webb, Trickett & Webb

Item: Smart car brochure

Design: Weber, Hodel, Schmid

Client: Smart, MicroCompact Car AG

Country of origin: Switzerland


Brian Webb believes this is ‘a smart Euro-brochure for a Euro-product. Round about page 30 (of 190) you realise it’s a car brochure. It’s lifestylish, editorial, somewhere between Vogue and Hello with beautiful girls – and boys – fashion, travel, restaurants, gritty fiction, comic strips, typewriter, hand lettering and slab serifs. It also features cosmopolitan illustration, world class photography and two pages of credits including legal advisors and a budgerigar (Swiss joke, eh?). There are lots of language versions, beautifully produced, but it’s hard to recognise a country of origin, which I imagine is the intention.’ According to Webb, while judging a European award, the Swiss judge said that this brochure has had a big influence on design in Europe.

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