Walter Van Beirendonck

Nominated by: Marita Lashko, independent designer

Nominated by: Marita Lashko, independent designer

Item: Walter Van Beirendonck

Design: Paul Boudens and Walter Van Beirendonck

Photography: Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Juergen Teller, Ronald Stoops, Patrick Robyn, Carel Fonteyne, Phil Inkelberghe, Chris Rügge, Frédérique Dumoulin and Han Lans

Editor: Cornelia Lauf

Publisher: Imschoot, uitgevers

Country of origin: Belgium


Marita Lashko thinks this book is ‘great fun and a visually stimulating interpretation of Walter Van Beirendonck’s world of memories, pictures, ideas and slogans. It intelligently combines all the tricks of the trade… die-cutting, different paper stocks, embossing and the like, to tell the story and to create a book to keep and refer to and be envious of the budget.’ Walter Van Beirendonck is the Belgian fashion designer behind the W< label. His designs are often coupled with glaring typography and colourful illustrations, taken from comics and science fiction, and are midway between designer clothing and streetwear.

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