Wim Crouwel. Mode en Module

Nominated by: Alan Fletcher

Nominated by: Alan Fletcher

Item: Wim Crouwel. Mode en Module

uthor: Frederike Huygen and Hugues Boekraad

Design: Karel Martens and Jaap van Triest

Publisher: 010 Publishers, Rotterdam

Country of origin: Holland

Contact: e-mail to 010@box.nl or www.archined.nl/010

This particular book has been out of print for a year and is fast becoming a collector’s item. Wim Crouwel began his career in 1952 as a designer of stands and exhibitions, but is best known as a graphic designer. The book tells of how he set up Total Design in 1963 and conquered The Netherlands. Alan Fletcher’s reason for choosing the book raises these questions: ‘Can you think of a British designer who has produced such an amazingly consistent, high quality of work over such a period, with the same ideological passion? I can’t. Even if there was such a person, would they get an equally ideologically (unreadable, but elegant) typographer to design the book of their work? I don’t think they would.’ Fletcher adds, ‘Anyway I’m for passion – you can stuff the rest.’

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