16 November 2006

Where next for 100% Design?

As 100% Design’s Ian Rudge launches breakaway consultancy, the design fair community faces an uncertain new chapter, says Sarah Balmond. It is now almost two weeks since the revelation that 100% Design founder Ian Rudge will launch a breakaway venture from Reed Exhibitions with 100% East founder Jimmy MacDonald. The industry grapevine has been rife […]

Creative Survey 2006

There’s a famous quote much bandied about in advertising circles that goes something like this: ‘I know that half of my advertising is wasted, but I don’t know which half’.

Bere Architects designs for London

News in Pictures

A glass pavilion and new public square designed by Bere Architects will be installed in the City of London in January

Designer Ilja Sallacz art directs Ernst Haeckel book

Designer Ilja Sallacz at Liquid Design Agency has art directed Visions of Nature: The Art and Science of Ernst Haeckel, a book written by Olaf Breidbach and published by Prestel. Haeckel’s drawings are credited with inspiring the Art Nouveau and Surrealist movements.


EXHIBITIONS l Experimenta Under the Radar, until 3 December, features interactive installations and video artworks from the Australian new media arts group. Venue: ICA, The Mall, London SW1. Details: www.experimenta.org/undertheradar. l 25th Anniversary o

Creative créche

A new digital manufacturing centre in London will allow practitioners to get experimental and gain access to some of the latest technology and software around – time to relive those heady student days and start playing, says Trish Lorenz Ah, the heady days of student life – late nights, cheap beer and some of the […]

Profile: Susanna Edwards

Susanna Edwards was told as a student that her natural eclecticism would render her unemployable, but luckily she refused to temper her diversity. Liz Farrelly talks to the determined multidisciplinarian ‘I’m thinking of removing all terminology from my business card and just having my name,’ says Susanna Edwards, when asked to describe her practice and […]

Sorrell Foundation is doing well to go out into schools

Respect to The Sorrell Foundation’s project, which is taking design students into schools (News, DW 14 September). It’s great to see young designers being exposed to genuinely valuable design approaches. There quite simply isn’t an organisation out there at the moment that wouldn’t benefit from a participatory or co-design approach. To be honest, I’m amazed […]

Foundation degrees in HE colleges are overdue for scrutiny

Recent coverage of craft and skill in design brings up the important question of training. I haven’t seen any coverage of the appalling system of ‘foundation degrees’, which dominate higher education colleges. Most of these come under the aegis of a nearby university that awards the ‘degrees’. These are not conventional foundation courses. As a […]

It’s the employers who really need to change

The ‘Beyond time’ article (DW 2 November) spoke of how the design sector is ‘lagging behind’ in implementing Government legislation, following the introduction of the Employment Equality Act 2006. I see these new legislative requirements as a fresh opportunity for today’s students and tomorrow’s designers to get to interview more frequently, narrowing the often tedious […]

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