My original inspiration was two-fold. From the earliest days I just loved going to the local newsagent and getting a comic or magazine. The smell of the ink and the feel of the paper was as exciting as the images and stories. I also loved the fun of writing, playing with words and creating expressions. This would range from poems to doodles, sketching letter shapes and scribbling graffiti.

I’ve always been an entrepreneur, selling stamps, conkers, guitars and bikes, and working anywhere I could to raise some cash, all with one aim: to fund some fun.

This all came together when I took the big leap into freelance copywriting, which evolved into Jupiter Design. My original excitement for print has never left me, and I still get a big kick out of playing with words, so it’s been a dream job for me, if you can call it a job. It feels more like a big adventure.

In my humble opinion, the starting point has to be to enjoy yourself as much as possible, and I now find the real enjoyment and inspiration is coming from inspiring others to take similar leaps and discover their own way of having fun at work.

Mark Shaw – Jupiter Design

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