Abbey’s new direction is blurred around the edges

Isn’t it beautiful when life follows art? I thought the Carlsberg ad where that chap visits the bank of his dreams was just a new-lad attempt to get us drinking more lager. The sleek minimal interior, the too-good-to-be-true bank manager, the sultry cashiers – it’s a (male) consumer’s fantasy.

And now it appears that Wolff Olins and Abbey have used this as a blueprint to build a ‘demystifying’ brand strategy (DW 2 October).

Call me old fashioned, but I want a bank that is secure (ie will not be blown up by Wile E Coyote), honest (ie small print I can read) and value for money. The swirling rain

bow colours, a foggy logo that questions my eyesight, the patronising jargon-free jargon. I don’t want a preening poodle protecting my money, I want a bulldog.

Keep your eyes out for the new Thomas Cook campaign – all building sites and rear cleavage. Or is that 18-30?

Ryan Sales

Creative director

WPB Creative

London EC2

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