London? No, it’s Brand Britain that brings boost

Jonathan Cummings certainly knows how to play the trump card in exploiting the overseas markets, (Business Insight, DW 2 October). In 800-plus words he throws it on the table no less than 13 times – London!

I don’t deny that it is the capital of the design industry by virtue of the density of design groups and practitioners, but London has not solely contributed to the fine reputation of British design, which Brand London may be maximising.

You don’t need to have your headquarters in London to experience great receptions from overseas clients. Furthermore, not having a London base doesn’t hinder your plans to set up overseas, like Elmwood, Pure Equator, Sheridan & Co, Attik and many others have done.

As I write, my colleague is in Chicago, and finds that ‘companies are falling over to work with a British design consultancy’.

This isn’t because we’re based in West Yorkshire. It isn’t because we don’t carry the London overheads. It’s because we’re British. Design Business Association membership adds veneer.

Yes, British design is well received the world over and I agree that we need to build on this reputation.

But we also need to manage it, to prevent complacency – at worst, arrogance – setting in.

Perhaps a multilingual website for the DBA and the Design Council respectively would help make British design more accessible?

Trevor Flannery, Sales and marketing director, Storm Brand Design, Elland, West Yorkshire

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