Meteorite strikes kaleidoscopic look for Peabody housing group

Integrated group Meteorite Branding has created a brand identity for housing association Peabody that aims to represent opportunity and modernity.

The identity launched on Monday, after London-based Meteorite Branding clinched the four-way pitch in March.

Meteorite’s head of brand identity Robert Tammaro says the consultancy was charged with creating a strategy that would help Peabody stand out from competitors and reflect its role in the community.

He says, ‘As well as redesigning the logo we wanted to create a brand language that covered all kinds of communication, from the literature to digital and ongoing campaigns.

‘Within an open brief, we gave out thoughts on the brand and it was down to us to help it become more contemporary and stand out more.’

The new logo (pictured) is in a kaleidoscope shape, made up of swirls to give the impression of movement and dynamism. Central to Meteorite Branding’s brief was capturing the spirit of opportunity Peabody aims to create. The central theme of the proposition is ‘Creating opportunities for people in London since 1862’.

Tammaro says, ‘We tried to identify a way to help Peabody stand out from the crowd by creating more of a destination brand – and one that would look beautiful, rather than methodical.’

The new identity is being rolled out across Peabody’s corporate communications, signage, wayfinding and website. Meteorite Branding has also created internal guidelines and a motivational brand book.

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