Design rejects market forces

Thirty-three graphics stars have signed a manifesto urging the international graphics community to reverse their priorities away from pure commercialism to “more useful, lasting and democratic forms of communication”.

The First Things First Manifesto 2000 is being published in design magazines across the world. It is intended “as a spur to much-needed debate about the direction and priorities of graphic design in design education, design organisations and the press,” says signatory Rick Poyner.

The list of designers and “visual communicators” supporting the bid features 11 UK-based names, including Jonathan Barnbrook, Vince Frost and Simon Estersen. It also includes Ken Garland, who initiated a similar manifesto, also titled First Things First, in 1964, along with 21 other signatories.

International greats include Tibor Kalman, who lent his support before his untimely death earlier this year.

For full manifesto, see “Letters”

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