RCA needs to address problems with graphics

Dan Fern’s predictable reply (Letters, DW 3 September) to your astute observations of the state of graphic design at the Royal College of Art (Comment, DW 20 August) further saddened a lot of graphic designers with an interest in the RCA.

Graphic design is a great and specific art that deserves a sponsor who also relates totally to the movements of our industry, and hopefully totally exceeds our expectations.

To attempt to convince us that the course should continue to wander in order to suit Fern’s illustrative background is alarming and not fair to future students.

The world of graphic design has changed considerably since Fern’s commercial illustrative heyday (some 20 years ago) and in this case the otherwise inspiring college needs to open its eyes.

Fern’s comments about students’ personal development are, of course, sound, but like much else, absolutely nothing to do with the specifics of graphic design.

Liane Redstone

London E6

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