Jonathan Ellery

I think you can gain insight into an individual’s character by looking at the contents of their bookshelves. A look at my books, therefore, reveals who and what inspires me.

A few years ago I found myself in the late Henri Cartier-Bresson’s Parisian apartment, following the launch of Flowers by Martin Parr. I focused on his book collection rather than Bresson himself, as it was a way of having a conversation with him while camouflaging my fear. This intimate access and insight into his life was an absolute joy and has stayed with me ever since.

As I’ve soaked up experiences and culture, I’ve thought carefully about which publications I buy so they can sit next to the other points of reference on my shelves.

I have made an edit of seven books that inspire me and, I assume, define me as an individual and the work that comes out of Browns.

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