Seymour Powell fires up pottery

Seymour Powell is developing an innovative range of ceramic products, which will receive its first public airing today at Telford’s Manufacturer Live exhibition.

The collection, created in collaboration with Portmeirion Potteries, will be unveiled alongside four other items supported by Different by Design, the £2.7m initiative that brings together designers and Staffordshire-based manufacturers.

These include a hand-held Internet search engine created by Factory Design with Dotcom New Media Group; a moulded coffee table range by independent designer David Raffo and Matrix Composites; a water filter and cooling system by Lucid Group and VA Heating; and a vertical take-off aeroplane by assorted designers and Kestrel Aerospace.

Different by Design project consultant Mo Trudel says Seymour Powell’s involvement is ‘to help find a new business direction for Portmeirion’.

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