Xen’s identity puts Ovada agency in the picture

Oxford design group Xen has created an identity for Ovada, the nascent Oxford Visual Arts Development Agency.

Ovada, which launches on Friday, has been created to develop and promote the visual arts in Oxford and Oxfordshire County, both through a gallery space – which is scheduled to open next week – and in public areas.

The organisation has also been tasked with establishing a programme of artists’ residencies and a bi-annual arts festival.

Xen was appointed in early summer – without a pitch – on the strength of previous work.

According to Xen design director Jim Kane, the identity ‘represents the creative process’, but also has sufficient stature to enable Ovada to pitch for funding in a corporate environment.

‘It’s a big bang thing, similar to the mark-making that an artist might do,’ he explains.

‘It captures the sense of vibrancy and urgency you get from a new piece of art, but also has credibility and strength.’

The organisation has a limited budget, which means that the production considerations were key to the design process, and so a monochromatic colour palette was chosen to help keep costs down, adds Kane.

The work will be applied across stationery, signage and marketing material and a website is planned for the future.

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