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Open House London promises to have the capital heaving with architecturally inclined folk next weekend as they take to the streets hoping to access normally forbidden buildings they’ve always longed to visit. Check it out soon though as you may need to book.
Design Week’s own guide to Neville Brody’s ambitious new festival is published with this issue. But in the spirit of a manifesto-driven event of this nature not everything was confirmed at the time of going to press. Keep an eye on the festival website for last-minute tweaks.
Likewise, the London Design Festival. If you find yourself at a loose end in London in the week from 18 September, check out the London Design Festival website and you’ll no doubt find no end of things to occupy you, whatever district you’re in.

If you’re late to the debate on what makes a good app, Jean Snow’s blog appraisal of National Geographic’s offering is a good starting point. The blog itself is worth checking out from time to time anyway as it covers design and popular culture from a Japanese perspective.

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