Being a huge believer that car design leads the way for other designers to follow in terms of form and style, I often keep track of concepts unveiled at motor shows.

However, I must have missed this one and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it. My amazement was multiplied when I saw the badge. I’m talking about the new Peugeot RCZ. This car looks like a concept car, which is rare. Concepts usually get watered down, but this is gorgeous. It looks like something from the film Minority Report. Its sweeping lines and extended rear-end make it look like it’s about to pounce. The functional double-bubble rear window (designed to allow adults to sit in the back without having to crane their necks) should look ridiculous, but instead it is a piece of engineering and styling genius. If this is the new trend, curves are back. Is it the car, or the fact that the company has stayed true to the design that I find inspiring? Both. An object such as this should be admired. A company that has such vision, even more so.
Steve James-Royle

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