Don’t forget to credit your reference points

We were astonished to see the Cardiff Central Library wayfinding project by Stills Design (Guiding touch, DW 25 June) and its striking resemblance to our Barbican Centre wayfinding system which won the Design Week Award for wayfinding in 2007. We were surprised that the similarity between the two projects wasn’t picked up. It is disappointing that the Cardiff scheme is receiving acclaim with no mention of the project that it undoubtedly attempts to replicate.

We recognise that we all take inspiration from somewhere, and we are flattered that the Barbican has become such an important point of reference – however, we were shocked by the similarity in this case.

The Barbican wayfinding system (pictured above right) took three years to develop and two years to implement. Both buildings are of national importance and the Cardiff Central Library (pictured above left) deserves its own wayfinding system to reflect its own position.

It is disappointing from all angles, but in the end, it is the client who loses out as the Cardiff Central Library wayfinding system is not a unique reflection of the building, but takes its cue from a system in another place.
Morag Myerscough, Studio Myerscough, London N1 and Ian Cartlidge, Cartlidge Levene, London EC1

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