Elmwood creates electric new visual identity for Argos-owned tech brand Alba

The colourful new marque aims to make Argos-owned electronics brand Alba more alluring to younger, more “cost-conscious” customers.


02_ALBA Brand Image RGB_DW

Elmwood has designed a new visual identity for Argos-owned electronics brand Alba, with the aim of making it accessible for “cost-conscious” and younger customers.

The new brandmark, which features a white logo against various multi-coloured backdrops, aims to appeal to a “younger audience” with a “fun, energetic” look, says the consultancy.

Illustrator Chris Lemmens designed the four coloured backdrops, each one specific for Alba’s four product categories of TV, audio, portable and accessories. They include abstract symbols of volume dials, sound waves and shattered glass.

Bold and vibrant

Portrait of a happy young girl carrying a large box

Elmwood says it wanted to create a “colourful, bold, expressive and confident” marque that would reflect the “vibrancy” of kids’ and teenagers’ lifestyles. The design was inspired by television, music, films and social media.

The consultancy adds that the bright colours reflect those of the Alba products themselves.

Steven Shaw, design director at Elmwood, says: “Our challenge was to appeal to a younger audience, while also deliver an attractive value position to modern tech shoppers.

“We’ve created an identity that speaks to the key technology ‘wants’ for both audiences by communicating a bold tech attitude alongside carefully pitched price messaging.”

Alba was originally founded in 1917 by Alfred Balcombe. Argos parent company Home Retail Group purchased the electronics brand in 2008, and its products – which include televisions, radios, tablets and mp3 players – are now sold exclusively at Argos.

Value pricing

It aims to market itself on value pricing for technology, with a tablet costing roughly £60.

The new branding is currently rolling out across packaging, digital and print assets, and within product software.


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  • Michael Webb August 19, 2015 at 10:09 am

    That typeface is great, but the overall design is not amazing in my opinion. I think more thought should have gone into the overall final design. Just looks like loads of shapes scattered uncontrollably.

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