Pearlfisher brings Russian Constructivism to New York street food

Morris has been given a flexible identity system which can be adapted as the business grows.



Pearlfishser has rebranded New York street food business Morris by introducing a new Russian look and feel.

The Morris Truck is run by Mike Jacober who in 2011, having cooked in top restaurants in Paris and New York, looked to create “enriched food experiences” through food trucks and other unconventional venues.


Morris is the name of Jacober’s Russian great grandfather. Pearlfisher has looked to draw on this Russian heritage and establish Morris as the master brand it says.

“As a foundation for the future” Pearlfisher says it has developed a brand identity that can be developed with each new outlet.


Custom letterforms are inspired by Russian Constructivism and maintain their shape across the range but the mark is “free to adapt to match each new venture” according to the consultancy, which adds, “A cohesive secondary language, ‘eatmor,’ helps to tie the offerings together.”


Pearlfisher creative director Hamish Campbell says: “Morris’s differentiating factor is the great depth to what they offer, so it was essential that we capture this.

“By building an identity system that can flex across new ventures, we’ve captured their culinary creativity and enabled them to communicate their unique spirit to the world.”


Pearlfisher says the new strategy and identity will allow the business to expand beyond its current outlets which include The Morris Truck, Morris Test Kitchen, Morris Sandwich Shop, Morris Catering and several Morris installations and pop-ups around New York State.


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