Let’s all start to embrace the new creative world order

Increasingly we are seeing world class creativity in advertising originating from developing markets.

We haven’t seen a shift in our business, however, if there is one I’m sure there are good reasons, not least financial. On a creative level we need to embrace all fresh, new work regardless of where it originates from. There is some great stuff coming from the likes of the Brazilian market.

Though I don’t think the UK industry needs to radically rethink its direction, I do think the one thing we could absorb from them is their vivacity and energy. The design world is a fantastic melting pot of influences and ideas and we designers revel in it. I see no reason why we shouldn’t do what we always do – take notice of exciting, innovative creativity and use it as a driver to inspire and develop our own work.

Competition is a healthy thing, we just need to rise to the challenge and make sure we are giving our clients an unrivalled service.

Darren Cornwall, Director, Bite CP, Lightwater, Surrey GU18 5SH

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