Airbus picks up A Trouble Halved livery

Stratford-upon-Avon consultancy A Trouble Halved is rolling out its new external livery for Airbus, the airport bus route from central London, to increase awareness of the service. A smaller fleet of redesigned buses will roll out in Birmingham over the next few weeks.

The new identity features images of Big Ben and an aeroplane across an entire side, representing the centre of London and the buses’ destinations respectively. Gary Beard, A Trouble Halved creative director, says: “Our brief was loose, but we had to convey the bus route in an impactive way and, of course, keep the red.”

Nineteen new double decker buses will run between Heathrow and Stansted and pick up points in central London, with six single deckers buses travelling to Gatwick. A Trouble Halved is also designing Airbus timetable leaflets and posters at Heathrow.

Airbus was acquired by National Express in April.

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