Copyright victory for Teemo

Furniture designer and manufacturer Teemo Designs has won a copyright settlement against a UK import agency and a distributor, concerning one of Teemo’s computer desks.

Teemo, a member of the Anti Copying in Design organisation, discovered its Pivot desk had been copied and featured in the Summer 2000 Cotswold Company and McCord mail order catalogues, distributed by Techstyle Products.

According to Techstyle, the desk was imported from the Far East and it was unaware it was a copy. It has agreed not to import or sell any further units and the Cotswold Company has also withdrawn the desk from sale.

Ian Connor, solicitor at Acid’s legal practice Theodore Goddard, says importers based in the UK are still covered by UK law. “We were anxious to come to an amicable settlement before the issue became bigger, with potential court proceedings,” he says.

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