A gap needs to be filled in the computer market

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Paul Allison (Letters, DW 11 November) asks if non-existent support after major computer purchases is the norm now.

It certainly is in my experience. Without going into a catalogue of woes, I have had perhaps just one positive, major computer purchasing experience in four years.

The worst experience was having spent the most money at a well-known systems reseller. I could have bought a decent car for the same price. I was told that, mostly, it should work straight “out of the box”.

By the time the gear was all in place and functioning properly, two months later, the equipment had actually cost me two to three times the purchase price in time. I now cost new gear like this – it’s more realistic.

Margins on the equipment seem to be very small and the only route to slim profitability for the resellers is to move it quickly without providing any backup.

Without a doubt, there is a gaping hole for a systems specialist who really cares about giving good service, who listens to clients’ requirements and can make truly knowledgeable recommendations, who can regularly service and update equipment – making sure it actually works before they leave.

Richard Osbourne

Brightstar Creative Consultancy

Park Lane

Norwich NR2 3EE

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