Dew Gibbons sharpens Diet Coke

Coca-Cola’s soon-to-launch Diet Coke beverage, Diet Coke with Lime, has been designed by Dew Gibbons.

The drink will launch at the end of this month and forms part of the Diet Coke range, which also includes Diet Coke with Lemon and Diet Coke with Vanilla.

Dew Gibbons was appointed to the project in August last year without a pitch, but the consultancy has been working with Diet Coke, reworking its branding and packaging designs, since 2001.

The packaging for Diet Coke with Lime is a development of this work and features a redrawn ribbon that serves as a ‘consistent variant template for easy self-selection across an increased product offer’, says a spokesman for Dew Gibbons. It bolsters a strategic move to graphically link up the Coca-Cola brands more closely.

Dew Gibbons designed the refreshed ribbon detail at the end of last year and it launched across the Diet Coke brands in December.

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