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As the country gives itself over to National Chip Week, what other national institution deserves a week and why?

’We need to honour the Great British Entrepreneur. They dream up cool innovations to make our lives better and conjure businesses from thin air, employing thousands and paying millions in tax. During my week the likes of James Dyson, Martin Sorrell, Richard Branson and Anita Roddick would sit with a large pile of their cash by their side, Dragon’s Den-style, listening to hopeful business ideas from the rest of the population.’

Greg Orme, Chief executive, Centre for Creative


’It’s high time we had a national Malt Whisky week. As a longstanding member of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, I see it as my duty to spread the word about this world class industry that produces some of the finest drinks known to man. If every adult in the UK was obliged to consume a wee dram every night for a week, not only would they be much better humoured, they would also double the annual profits of distillers, and swell Gordon Brown’s coffers so he doesn’t need to put up taxes after the General Election.’

Andrew Pinkess, Strategy and business development

director, Rufus Leonard

’The Co-op. The whole nation could share its co-operative spirit. We could buy a banana in the safe knowledge some poor farmer isn’t being ripped off. We could buy a holiday, open a bank account, bury our gran, all reassured the profits aren’t lining some port-swilling, fat cat’s pocket. In our “me” culture, wouldn’t it be great to have a week of “we”?’

Mark Smith, Creative director, Start

’EastEnders. There could be themed nights down your local. The entertainment could be an unsuspecting punter having a family crisis and a bust-up with the publican who is actually their father and is having an affair with the owner of the local fruit ’n’ veg stall. It all ends with a sing-song round the old “joanna”.’

Ali Cobb, Senior designer, Nykris

’National Binge Drinking Week. It would be popular across all demographics. There would be no training required. We have the facilities in place. We already have National Binge Drinking Weekends… every weekend. It could even be sponsored by B&Q.’

David Palmer, Creative director, Love Creative

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