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For those of you who are dedicated subscribers to Design Week and are at a loss as to what to do with all your back issues, why not follow in the footsteps of We Are Revolting and create your own design-hero. We feel especially honoured that they have created a cape out of our day job.
Finding out where designers work seems to be a running theme in this section. We love this blog that shows you the desks of various creatives – a project set up by writer and photographer Kate Donnelly. Last week’s post includes an interview with Milton Glaser.
The site 3quarks daily presents interesting items from around the Web on a daily basis, in the areas of science, design, literature, current affairs and so on. Last week an opinion piece by Steven Poole saw him declare war against chrome being used on user-interface design.
The Open Agency’s Olym-pics blog is a collection of photographs documenting the changing face of London leading up to the 2012 games. Many retailers and businesses seem to be jumping on the Olympic bandwagon by changing their name to fit in with the craze.

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