XTV and Chrysalis rally their idents

XTV and Chrysalis Creative have created title sequences for the World Rally Championship, which is hitting Channel 4’s screens every week from 18 January.

The programme, which is designed to ‘revolutionise’ coverage of the WRC rallies, has been radically overhauled prior to its primetime slot on Channel 4 to make rally racing sexy and compete with Formula 1 racing.

‘High octane’ opening titles combine live action with 3D sequences and are presented in cinemascope, which is wider than widescreen, says an XTV spokesman.

The title sequences have been designed and directed by Daryl Goodrich, creative director at Chrysalis Creative, which is part of WRC production company Chrysalis Television.

Goodrich shot rally drivers on 16mm film, which was edited by XTV co-designer and editor Mike Parry and set against surreal, 3D backdrops of forests, deserts and ice landscapes designed to mimic the rough terrain and exhilaration of the sport.

The titles play a key role in the rebranding of the WRC and to ‘reinforce it as a powerful brand equal to Formula 1’, according to a Chrysalis TV spokeswoman.

The show will incorporate ‘sexy’ elements such as live-feed information on rally drivers’ heart rates, pupil dilation and audio between navigators and teams as they race.

The show will cover 14 rallies worldwide and broadcast around four programmes per rally.

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