Illustrator Georgia Peters created an illustration for Spying for Business, a feature which appeared in Asia Inc, a Hong Kong-based business magazine.

Ron Legault, senior designer of M design, commissioned Peters because of her style. ‘The piece was about intellectual theft, and I wanted a subtle and moody image, rather than a violent image, to portray the sinister underground world of spying.

Her solution was excellent, it communicated just the mood I was looking for,’ he says.

Georgia Peters

Tel: 0956 304741.

Photographer Eric Richmond collaborated with Oxygen to produce a series of posters for the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment’s forthcoming tour. Each musician was shot in an sporting position.

Aubrey Kurlansky, creative director at Oxygen, chose Richmond because ‘of his enthusiasm and understanding of the brief, and also for his ability to put his subjects at ease’.

Eric Richmond

Tel: 0171 727 6357.

ILLUSTRATOR Adrian van de Plas produced an illustration to accompany a piece titled Deadmeat in the New London section of The Sunday Times Magazine.

Deadmeat is a book written by Q, set in the clubs and cyberspace culture.

Van de Plas was commissioned by Henry Noland, art director of The Sunday Times Magazine. The brief was left fairly open but had to reflect the background and technology of Q’s writing, as well as being ‘happening’-looking.

Q had to be portrayed as an ‘it’ person of the moment.

Adrian van de Plas

Tel: 0117 909 3803.

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